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Contractor Shake Alternative Roofing

Wood Shake Roof Repair

There are many different things that we use to shield us from the elements. Umbrellas, hats, hard hats, helmets, tents, car tops etc. etc. However, by far and away to most important iteration of this, and the one that will be there when all else fails is your roof. When you are considering how best to sustain this protective layer on the tops of buildings, make sure that you pick a contractor who can do a professional job first time round. You don’t want to waste time with those who aren’t able to help you. We can, every single time, and we would consider it a pleasure to prove that.

Alternative Roofing

However roofs are just like us - they come in all different shapes and sizes with different looks and different styles. There are normal roofs, there are old roofs, there are minimalist roofs, flat roofs, edgy roofs and yes, alternative roofs. But even when it comes to alternative roofs, there are many different types, some that are better for the environment and some that give off a particular lustre. But, essentially, it all comes down to the material. We would be honored to walk you through the options here. We have the options for everyone and we are sure you will find the one for you.

Shake Roofing

Here on this website we would like to lay out the system of one alternative roof that we can offer. Shake roofing relies on wood shingles that protect them from the weather. Traditionally, shakes were split by a bolt and layed over rooftops and walls to make sure that they are kept undercover. But, we have evolved a little from those days and, like most construction developments, there are brand new ways to do things now. Keep on reading to understand exactly what it is that we can do and we would love to hear from you in the future about a job you might have for us.

Shake Roof Patterns and Choices

The great thing about wood shakes is that they can be cut to any size or shape that you want. We are able to do this in house and to outsource it if we need to. Whether you want oyster shapes or standard picket fence shapes, even if you want a different color - we can talk about it, draw up a plan and establish a system before presenting it to you for your agreement. We find that our customers love the way we do things in this area - it is all bespoke, it is all about your own views and that can feel really empowering.


If you aren’t convinced then there is a sure fire way to become so. Just take a look at the testimonials on this website (to be added soon) and see for yourself what others in the area think. Or, ask anyone who has worked with us before. There are plenty of clients in this area and they will all give us shining reviews, we are pretty sure about that.

Shake Roof Shingles

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