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Parkers Best Roofing Contractor Contact

On the phone: we are all aware of how annoying it is to try to get in touch with your supplier or your company only to find that they are not in a position to actually communicate with you. This is a very frustrating thing. You get all of your details together, you get your number written down and you pickup the phone only to be met with an automated voice mail service that walks you around meaningless obstacles before you get the chance to actually talk to an expert that will be able to help. You will hear things like: ‘press 1 if you want…’ and ‘press 6 if you are…’. Never with us! We promise that it will always be easy to get in contact with us over the phone. We will give you great advice and it will come from the heart as well as the head. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and get in touch today!

Via email: We understand, however, that a phone call is not always to optimal way to engage in a conversation about the situation you have at hand. For example, if you have photos to share, if you aren’t exactly sure what the problem is or you don’t really know the best way to fix it - an email will give us the chance to review it ourselves before getting back to you with solutions. Also, if you want to convey a lot of detail, it is better to do it this way than over the phone.